Cornelia Maude Spelman

Cornelia Maude Spelman is a writer, artist, and clinical social worker who writes about taking care of emotions and relationships in the lives of children and families

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Our Emotional “Legacies” presentations by Cornelia

Posted on Nov 21 by

The stories that were most critical in the formation of one’s mother ( and grandmother) are often the very stories that she has not talked about.  There are also, in many families, perhaps most families, secrets.  Both the unspoken and the hidden stories invite us, if we wish to understand the present, to become detectives of the past.  Cornelia has presented workshops in a variety of settings which help women think about their own emotional legacies and important family stories.  She asks each attendee to bring an object passed down in a family and to share a few words about it. Some of the venues for emotional legacy workshops: women’s clubs, homes, libraries, conferences. If your group is interested in a workshop about emotional legacies, contact Cornelia at (Photo: Cornelia’s mother and...


The Value of Diary-Writing : Presentations by Cornelia

Posted on Nov 20 by

It has been said that “the first duty of love is to listen.”  Freud spoke of the “talking cure.”  But there isn’t always someone to talk to.  Keeping a diary provides a listening ear.  And others’ diaries have preserved the voices of women and girls, so that when we read their diaries we hear their voices speaking to us through time. Diaries of girls and women are an important primary source for understanding women’s lives.  The experiences, private thoughts and stories of daily life recorded in diaries help historians (herstorians) understand the lives of ordinary women. Women write diaries to try to make sense out of life, to express their feelings honestly, especially when writing may be their only opportunity for that honesty. Cornelia has presented programs about the value of diaries in a number of different settings :  at the Sewall  Belmont House and Museum in Washington, D.C.,, (home of Alice Paul, early suffragette);  at the annual conference of the National Association of Women’s Studies,, at the Northwestern Summer Writer’s Conference, at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute of...


Ms. Wanda’s Friends Preschool Drawings after reading “When I Miss You”

Posted on Sep 18 by

I received a wonderful email from Ms. Wanda, who has an in-home preschool for 3 and 4 year olds in Bremerton, Washington.  The children sang for me on her Facebook posting after reading my book “When I Miss You” and they also made drawings.  Ms. Wanda sent me the drawings, and here they are! I am glad that the children shared their artwork. Thank you to Jessica, Megan, Isaac, Charlie, Gavin, Emily, Jack, Adaya, Aislynn, and Ms....


Welcome to My Chinese Readers

Posted on May 24 by

  亲爱的中文读者和家长朋友,欢迎您 阅读我的儿童书籍!希望我的故事书对您和您的孩子都有帮助,并衷心祝愿您和您的家人身体健康,万事如意,阖家幸福! 親愛的中文讀者和家長朋友,歡迎您 閱讀我的兒童書籍!希望我的故事書對您和您的孩子都有幫助,並衷心祝願您和您的家人身體健康,萬事如意,闔家幸福! Hello and welcome to my Chinese readers!  I hope that my books are helpful to you and your children.  I cannot speak or read Chinese but my friend has written these words for me so that can I can wish you health, happiness, and a loving relationship with your child.   亲爱的中文读者和家长朋友,欢迎您 阅读我的儿童书籍!希望我的故事书对您和您的孩子都有帮助,并衷心祝愿您和您的家人身体健康,万事如意,阖家幸福! 親愛的中文讀者和家長朋友,歡迎您 閱讀我的兒童書籍!希望我的故事書對您和您的孩子都有幫助,並衷心祝願您和您的家人身體健康,萬事如意,闔家幸福!    ...


My Mother, Myself

Posted on May 23 by

I read the fascinating and brilliant graphic memoir by Alison Bechdel, Are You My Mother? in which she weaves her story of coming to understand, through her own reading, her own writing and art, and her own therapy, the particularity of her relationship with her own mother and all the deep ways in which she has been formed and continued to be affected by it.  [Note: this is not a book for children.  Mature content.] Her therapist tells Bechdel–offering, by this observation, a ladder out of the despair Bechdel experiences because of her mother’s inability to see and validate her–that she is “adorable.” Every child, is, at birth, but, sadly, many of us may never have felt or believed that we are. Bechdel’s courage, honesty, intelligence, and generosity help her on her painful and painstaking journey to understand the ways in which she was wounded, and in which her mother, too, had been wounded. And Bechdel reclaims her own life by recognizing there are other ways to be and to experience; by seeing new choices for herself. Bechdel is...